Sorry for the long absence my loyal readers (hi Mom, Aunt Lori, and Lloyd). I have been barricaded in the house studying for the LSAT. And while endless hours of logic practice was painful, I have found myself truly supported through the experience. I took a prep-class through a company called TestMasters. The class ended

Welcome to the Good Life

Can’t wait to get college and get rid of the rents? Ice cream for breakfast? Well wait until you get off campus! No RAs, quiet hours, beverage restrictions, or small closets. Yeah livin’ the life. WELL turns out independence comes with responsibility. Remember that nagging little voice in your head (named mom and dad) that

New Hobby

Recently I have acquired a new hobby, a little unconventional but possibly lucrative. It all started with my desire for a Prius. As an out of state student who lives 900 miles away, the concept of 50 MPG sounds quite enticing.  Unfortunately I have not yet managed to acquire enough wealth to purchase much more

Burglary in the Burg

Tragedy strikes the Williamsburg community Thursday June 30th. Respectable citizen and senior interviewer, Amie Bauer, returned home from a hard day’s work to find a distressing scene.  Missing from her potted patio garden was Patio Hybrid, a 4-month-old hybrid tomato plant. Patio Hybrid, planted and nurtured in an Illinois suburb, was relocated to an off-campus

Snack Attack

Last fall semester I spent my time studying in Grenoble, France (a beautiful small city in the Alps). Part of my experience was living with a home stay.  I thought it would be a wonderful way to immerse myself into French culture. So here is a little scene of me among the French. Food. It