Wow I cannot believe that this will be my first blog as a William and Mary alum. It is amazing how fast four years can go by and how many bonds you make with phenomenal people. I am sorry for my tardy blog behavior but graduation to work in North Carolina to moving to Indiana,

Day for Admitted Students

It is almost Admitted Students day! I am looking forward to the event which bloggers have a chance to mingle with accepted class of 2015 students in the Sunken Gardens on Saturday afternoon. It is always a pleasure to share my William & Mary experiences with inquiring prospectives and give them the candid run down

Senior Bucket List

When I say bucket list I do not mean to sound ominous. It is not the end of our lives but it is the end of an important chapter in our lives even if we are obtaining graduate degrees from William and Mary, undergrad is quickly coming to an end and there are a few

Swem Stress Relief Center

What? There is one of those? I know it’s hard to believe because stress lives on all three floors of Swem Library, especially the third which is too quiet for my taste. However, in the basement of Swem lies the solution to all problems, well at least for a little while. Though I am revealing


Charter Day Finale

As my last Charter day approaches, I have reflected on William and Mary’s 318 year history. The history that hides in its walls despite the construction is amazing. Charter Day weekend, I am looking forward to attending the Roots concert on February 5.  Surprisingly, the College’s charter day kicks off my sorority’s charter day on

Saving at the EXE

Since the pound is doing better than the United States Dollar and the exchange rate was nearly double while I was abroad, budgeting was an important factor in my study abroad experience.  Before you embark on a journey to Exeter, it is important that you check exchange rates, your banking costs for taking out money,

The Weekender

Exeter is probably one of the most beautiful parts of England with weather much nicer than London’s. The Quay, which is the river that runs through the city, has nice shops and cafes to enjoy. It is a twenty minute walk from the campus and makes a wonderful day trip. The Exeter cathedral near the

The Night I saw the Light: November 5

If I were asked to describe Guy Fawkes Day at Ottery St. Mary in three words it would be: insane, scary, and amazing. On the 5th of November, the residents of Ottery St. Mary celebrate Guy Fawkes with running through the streets with flaming tar barrels on their backs. The burning of the tar barrels

So Where are we Eating Tonight?

Even though I am in a different country, my heart is still American meaning it still loves food! Eating is America’s favourite pastime and I am sure most people would not argue with that.  For those coming to Exeter one day in the future, it is nice to try good restaurants.  First stop is The

Be Your Own Travel Agent

Greetings from Weekend Irelander, I am having a blast in England right now, mostly because I have planned a plethora of my big trips in advance. Since you will probably spend fewer hours in class during the week compared to a semester at William and Mary and all the courses are pass fail, you will