The Tour Guide High

The Tour Guide High

After giving tours all this summer in the hot and humidity of Williamsburg, I have learned all about what I now will dub “the tour guide high”. No matter your mood, no matter the weather (thunder with lightning or 100 percent humidity), it is inevitable that tours make you be happy. It’s great going to


A student from my high school started emailing me a few days ago asking me all kinds of questions about William & Mary. It got me thinking… my time here is almost halfway over. People aren’t kidding when they say that college goes by in the blink of an eye. Now I’m panicking asking myself

Why I Give Tours

One of my favorite questions on tours is often asked in jest: “What made you wanna become a tour guide?” often followed with a sneer and, “besides the paycheck of course.” Well, brace yourselves: we don’t get paid. We volunteer. One of the cool things about William and Mary students is that we’re so passionate

Spring, finally!

Finally, it’s the time of year where you no longer have to take the tour guide’s word that our students are active. No longer do we have to say, “I swear, when it’s nice there are always people relaxing on the terrace” or “When it’s warmer, you’ll find students throwing a Frisbee around on the

Press Pass

Yesterday was an exciting day for William and Mary … more so than usual.  On the eve of Charter Day–the day we celebrate our receipt of the royal charter from King William and Queen Mary–William and Mary played host to CNN’s John King.  He interviewed our new Chancellor, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who

William and Mary: Helping Students to Overcome Their Fears Since 1693

When giving tours, I am always asked to explain why I came to the College (and if you’ve been on my tours, you’ll know I wait until the end of the tour to explain). I’ll spare you the hour and fifteen minute tour and explain in this blog: I enrolled at the College because I

Merging our real families with our Tribe families

This past weekend was Family Weekend here at the College.  As a junior, I still look forward to my parents arriving, showing them my favorite spots on campus, and of course– being taken out to eat every meal for an entire weekend! Family Weekend at William and Mary is special.  It is not just for

Life as a Freshman RA

Here at William and Mary you are permitted to become a RA (Resident Assistant) as early as your sophomore year. I took full advantage of that fact and am now the current Freshman RA for Jefferson 1st East. My freshman RA was excellent at what she did but as a senior she had an extremely

Welcome class of 2015! Now lets find that class of 2016…

Well the school year is back in full swing and the class of 2015 has found their home. Now that things have gotten slightly back to normal (and by normal I mean everyone is back to trying to squeeze 50 activities into one day and still have time for food and swem) admission has reopened

So. Many. Lines.

As a Theatre major at the college it often seems that life is an endless cycle. I am forced to audition, consistently memorize lines, perform and then do the whole process over again. While I do love the process I must admit that it is very stressful at times. I have noticed that each play