The DC Experience /// A Cold Tale Regarding Pride and Gluttony

The DC Experience /// A Cold Tale Regarding Pride and Gluttony

In the time since my last post, I once again found myself the victim of my own appetite, though this time the culprit was not Buffalo Wild Wings, rather, it was Chili’s. I arrived to the restaurant voracious, and, similar to my last scenario, this proved to be my ultimate undoing. Upon being seated, the

The DC Experience /// Site Visits pt. 2

In my last post, I began summarizing my favorite site visits that our Leadership & Community Engagement Institute took during our two week class. Below, I have listed and described four more standout visits. 5. Perhaps one of our most resonating visits came Mike Powell, the son of former Secretary of State, Colin Powell. He

The DC Experience /// A New Chapter In My Life & Site Visits pt. 1

Before getting into the meat of this next entry, I would like to formally redact a statement that I issued in my last blog post. If my memory serves me correctly, I listed “eating Buffalo Wild Wings” as one of my hobbies – it is with a heavy heart (and most likely clogged arteries) that

The DC Experience /// The First Week

My name is Arvin Alaigh and I am the resident W&M in DC blogger for the Leadership & Community Engagement Institute. I am a rising junior majoring in Government and American Studies and minoring in Philosophy, and I hail from the beautiful state of New Jersey. My hobbies consist of watching of TV shows, primarily