Reaching New Heights

Reaching New Heights

After graduating a few months ago, I returned home to my friends, family and seasonal job. All three things are reliable staples of my hometown, and have become new routes that lead back to my experience at William & Mary. There is a fountainhead of W&M alumni that have migrated to DC from Williamsburg, and

Food for thought…

As a tour guide, one question I’m often asked is, “how good is the food here?” I always reply that the food is pretty good, which is either met by a speculative glance or a sigh of relief. Although I have had a meal plan for all four years at W&M, I decided to prepare

Adventure Time!

At W&M not all the learning happens in the classroom. I have been fortunate to take some fun and unconventional classes through the kinesiology department at the College. Adventure Games, Ropes Facilitation, and Outdoor Leadership, just to name a few, are all taught on our campus ropes course. It has become my favorite place on

Happy Howl-O-Ween

Busch Gardens is one of the major tourist attractions for the City of Williamsburg. It’s close proximity to the College also makes it one of the many exciting things to do off campus. Although it’s a bit expensive, the park shows its appreciation for William & Mary students with an annual event around their Halloween

Diversity through the Arts

William & Mary’s most recent main stage production, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, opened this Thursday. Written by playwright August Wilson, it is steeped in symbolism, mysticism, and history. The plot of the story focused on the large northern migration of the African-Americans after the Civil War, the hardships they faced in their new environment, and their

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane…

I’ve been thinking about the William & Mary community and how to best describe it to prospective students. The word that immediately comes to mind is super-hero. Each person that makes up the College of William & Mary is a superhero: a seemingly average person with special abilities that make him or her different and

Stillness is the Move

I have worked in W&M’s New Student Orientation program for the last three years: twice as Orientation Area Director (OAD), once as a Transfer Orientation Aide (TOA), and once as a Freshmen Orientation Aide (FOA). After participating in an Orientation program each semester since my freshman year, I’m surprised that it always seems new and

Burger Night!

Williamsburg may seem like an unlikely place for a culinary expedition, but there are same places here to find something delicious and unexpected to eat. One great option for students who are eating on a budget is half priced burger night at the Green Leafe Café. Affectionately known as the “Leafe” by W&M students and

We Like to PARTY

When most people think of Williamsburg their minds usually tend to think of the historical and educational side of the city; however, this town is a vibrant community where students have multiple venues to have fun. Duke of Gloucester St., affectionately referred to as D.O.G. St. by students and locals, has several cool spots that

I Get Around

Imagine gliding down the hills of Williamsburg, winding back and forth on the brick paths or carving out the smooth pavement. The wind is in your face along with a smile, and your headphones are playing your sound track to life. This is what it’s like to be a skater in the ‘burg. If it