Admit It! Gets Personal

I Admit It!  This is probably the first time this blog has begun with a personal instead of a plural pronoun (something faithful readers likely noticed immediately).  And those personal pronouns are intentional.  Yes, I am the primary author of the Admit It! Blog but this blog is always written on behalf of the entire W&M admission staff.  It represents a team, not an individual.  This particular post is the one exception to that rule.

The Admission team is hard at work crafting the class of 2018.  I personally am also hard at work on a potential member of the W&M Class of 2036.  I will soon go on maternity leave to take care of my first child.  As a result, the Admit It! Blog will take a hiatus of sorts.  The blog will not be updated weekly as per usual.  However, major moments will be blogged about (Completion of application processing, Overheard in Committee for both freshmen and transfers, decision releases for freshmen and transfers) and comments will be responded to – maybe not with this typical speediness but they will be responded to.

Please remember there are many other resources to get your questions answered: our Facebook page, our Twitter account, our website, or general email address ( and we’re of course also available by phone during business hours.  Plus the Admit It! Blog has over five years’ worth of blogs about every aspect of our process.  You can search our blog by month (so for example you can review blogs from this time last year to get a sense of our process during the spring) or by search term as many of our blogs are tagged – just be sure to use our Admit It! Blog title when you search (for example “admit it! + committee” or “admit it! + application review”.  Finally, you can input a URL to search tags ( will search all posts that have the “application” tag).  Some that might be the most helpful:


While Admit It! may be slightly out of sight in the coming months, it will not be out of mind (ours or hopefully yours).  The admission cycle stops for no one, admission deans/bloggers included.  We’ll see you a bit further up the proverbial road.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission