Early Decision and Spring Transfer Application Deadlines Extended to Nov. 8

We Admit It!  We’ve been hearing the chatter (both electronic and actual) regarding some of the challenges surrounding submission of the new Common Application.  We understand that applying to college is already a stressful process, and we don’t want technical issues to make the process even more so.  In an effort to provide students with the flexibility and time necessary to complete their applications, and to allow students to complete their applications in a manner that allows them to feel like they’ve put their best foot forward, we have extended our Early Decision and Spring Transfer Application deadlines to November 8.

If you have already submitted your application or intend to do so in the coming days, that is perfectly fine.  We are confident that we will be able to process applications appropriately as they come in and welcome any application that students wish to submit before the extended deadline.  Once we flip the switch and begin to process submitted applications, a new blog will be posted providing information on that process and how students and families can be made aware of their application status.

We know the next question is likely whether or not the extended deadline will impact our decision release dates for ED and Spring Transfer applications.  We don’t have an answer to that question at this point.  We will simply have to see how the process unfolds.  We believe that if we are not able to release Early Decision results by December 1 (historically our goal for ED decision release) we will still be able to release decisions by early December which has always been our stated timeline.  Likewise, Spring Transfer decisions should still be able to be released in mid-December.  The release might simply be a few days later than has been the norm heretofore.

All of us in the W&M Undergraduate Admission Office remain committed to maintaining the nuanced, comprehensive application review process every student deserves.  We hope that extending the application deadline allows students to maintain the level of commitment and thoroughness they wish to put into their individual applications.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission