A Trip To Williamsburg Isn’t Complete Without…

A blog series from your Admission Ambassadors…


  1. Paul’s Deli – a local bar and restaurant that I have memories from since my days in baby W&M cheerleading uniforms and Green & Gold club t-shirts. Located on Scotland St. right across from campus, Paul’s Deli is a local favorite to watch big sports games or to see old college friends. Their Italian Sub and Hot Holly are to die for.
  2. The Cheese Shop – just a must eat. I think saying “Cheese Shop” to any student or local will initiate Pavlovian responses unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Get the Virginia Ham. You won’t regret it.
  3. Sno-To-Go – not just shaved ice. It’s a snow cone but BETTER. It will solve any worries you may have from April to October. And if you really want to make your dreams come true, ask for it stuffed and then thank me later.
  4. Five Forks Café – definition of off the beaten path. Make the trip down Route 5 for this heavenly Southern food. This is that Sunday-after-church food that makes your soul feel good, but you get to eat it whenever you want! If you don’t want to venture out to try it, try Honey Butter’s off Monticello. (owned by the same people. The menus are only a little different.)
  5. Pierces Pit Bar-B-Q. I don’t even have anything else to add. I think that says enough.


  1. Visit the Parkway Beaches. When people say go to your happy place. I actually go here. College Creek is a good one and so is Yorktown, at the end of the Parkway. Yorktown has some great shops and diners to grab food too. Ben & Jerry & Kelley- yes please.
  2. Take a trip to the Prime Outlets. I know saying this makes me sound like a stereotypical girl, but I’m okay with that if it gets me 20% off. Also, most stores give you a 15% additional student discount. You get to go to William & Mary and J.Crew rewards you for it? Um, I can live with that.
  3. CW Mug. This may be the best advice I ever give to incoming students. In Colonial Williamsburg, at the Taverns and canteens, you can buy a mug for ten dollars and get unlimited refills for an entire calendar year. Not only are you getting free drinks, but also soft serve ice cream for a whole year. ROOT BEER FLOATS ARE THE KEY TO MY HEART.
  4. Ride the Ferry. Our Ferry leaves from Jamestown Island and deposits you on the other side of the James River in Surry. Surry has some of the best diners and will make your heart happy. You can also find strawberry farms that let you pick your own strawberries. YUM.
  5. Go Ape. But seriously. Go Ape! A high ropes course designed to let your inner primate out. Take the family to the park off of Centerville Road and test your limits.