Overheard in Committee — The Throes of Laughter

We Admit It!  Committee can wear on us.  We’re human, and this is a very human process.  Committee can make us tired, frazzled, bleary-eyed, and yes, even a little giggly.  The giggles come from a combination of exhaustion, joy in our work, joy in each other’s company, and the sugar ingested from the now totally cleaned out bag of trail mix, the over 40 chocolate-covered granola bars eaten, the full box of Wheat Thins that bit the dust, the now opened pretzels filled with peanut butter (we’ll eat anything at his point) and the totally demolished bag of M&Ms.

Overheard in Committee today: obnoxiously loud laughter

Don’t worry.  We weren’t laughing at any applicant; we were laughing at ourselves.  Likely many of you have seen the previews for the new Tina Fey-Paul Rudd movie Admission.  Well, this past summer at our annual staff retreat, we were each asked to submit the name of an actor or actress who we would have play ourselves in a movie.  Assistant Dean Kevin Cutro picked Paul Rudd.  Associate Dean Kim Van Deusen selected Tina Fey.  Assistant Dean Justine Okerson had a great idea.  It resulted in the photo below.

Life imitating art imitating life

Life imitating art imitating life

She then took that photo around to our Committee meetings and we all burst out laughing.  We laughed in part because the picture couldn’t be cuter.  We laughed in part because when art imitates life it can be amusing.  We laughed because we’ve spent the past month spending hours upon hours together, and we’re reminded that while this task is an incredibly serious one, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We laughed because we are a personable, outgoing and at times goofy group who enjoys each other’s company.  And we laughed because we admittedly are a little over tired.

This will be the last “Overheard in Committee” blog of the 2012-2013 freshman admission cycle.  Now before everyone asks, no we don’t yet have a release date.  Once our Committee deliberations wrap up later this week, we still have to double check all of our decisions, print and sign letters to those who will be admitted (yes Dean Broaddus signs each individual offer of admission), stuff those thick envelopes and queue up the emails.  We truly will not know when we will email decisions until we’re ready to hit the proverbial send button.  When that moment comes we will release our “Decisions, Decisions” blogs.  Please be patient with us.  It shouldn’t be too much longer.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission