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My Favorite Things: W&M Edition

March 19, 2013 by

When it comes to my favorite things at William & Mary, the list goes on and on. So I’m giving you all a quick run down of the best parts of freshman year.

  • Giving tours at the Admission Office – seeing the excited faces that will be the future of William & Mary.
  • The traditions that define who we are – the Yule Log, Convocation, Charter Day.
  • The Cheese Shop – turkey sandwiches with house dressing!
  • Miller Hall (Mason School of Business) – I didn’t think any classroom building could be that beautiful.
  • The Wren Building – taking a class in the oldest in-use classroom building on a US college campus is by far one of the best experiences.
  • My Freshman Seminar- a mandatory freshman class of 15 people gives you the quintessential W&M feeling, plus the subject material is everything from Mafias to Emerging Diseases.
  • Exercising at the Recreation Center – we all really lucked out with this top of the line exercise facility.
  • Yates Hall – honestly, any freshman dorm you end up in will be an awesome source of friends and good times.
  • Dinner at The Commons, known as the Caf, that lasts for an hour and a half because my friends and I just keep talking.
  • Spring days in Williamsburg – imagine perfect temperatures.
  • Football games – even when it starts pouring like it did at almost every home game and we have to run into the Sadler center for shelter.
  • Care packages – getting a yellow package slip in my mailbox makes any day better.
  • Blue Talon - restaurant of choice for celebrating my friends’ birthday dinners (and when it’s your birthday, dinner is on them).
  • Colonial Williamsburg – all jokes aside (no people are not churning butter on the sidewalks) it is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

But my number one favorite thing is that I get to be a student at William & Mary every day. There is nowhere like the College. Get ready to make your own list!


One Comment

  • Susannah says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I can’t wait to start college at W&M next year!!! I was wondering, I’ve heard that some freshman dorms will be switched to upperclassmen, and vice verse. Do you know which ones aren’t going to be freshman anymore? Also, it sounded like Yates was a great dorm. Are there certain freshman dorms that are much more desirable than others (any you would recommend)?