Mid-Year Grades

Admit It!  If it’s not one thing with this application process, it’s another.  But we swear, this is the last part.  It’s time to submit your first-semester or mid-year grades.  So here’s the who, what, where, when and why of that process.

Who: Who should submit mid-year grades?  All freshman applicants (including those who applied Early Decision and who were admitted or deferred).  Most high school counseling offices are very familiar with this process, but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that they have everything they need to submit your first-semester grades.  While many counseling offices will automatically send your first-semester grades to all of the schools to which you applied, others might require a release form or need a list of the schools that you applied to.  Make sure you know your school’s policy and follow up with your counselor if you have any questions.

What: What do you need to submit?  We’re not sticklers for a particular type of presentation.  Whatever works for your school works for us.  We will accept an updated official transcript which now includes grades from your senior year or a grade/progress report (generally just a listing of your current courses and the grades you’ve earned so far).  The Common Application’s MidYear Report form (pdf) can be included but certainly does not have to be.

Where: Mid-Year grades can be submitted directly to our office using our general USPS mailing address.  They do not need to be directed to anyone in particular.

When: Submit your mid-year grades as soon as they are available.  We have no particular due date since schools end their grading periods at various times.  Don’t worry if yours are delayed a bit due to snow days or the like.  Just submit them as soon as you can.  Generally, if they arrive by early to mid-February, they will get here in plenty of time.  For those on a quarter system, submit your first and second quarter grades.  For those on a trimester system, submit your first trimester grades.  If your second trimester grades are in by early February, submit those also.

Why: Why do we want to see your mid-year grades?  There are numerous reasons.  Generally, your senior year includes your most rigorous courses.  Being able to review your performance in these upper-level classes (often closely associated with college courses) helps us better assess how well prepared you are for college-level academics.  Or, maybe your grades took a dip during junior year.  Being able to see whether or not you’ve rebounded during senior year tells us about your work ethic, study skills and academic growth.  Mid-year grades are just one more piece to this complicated jigsaw puzzle we call a college application.  The more pieces we have, the fuller picture of you we get.

We’ve been seeing a lot of questions on various social media forums about mid-year grades.  Hopefully this answers many of them.  If not, as always, feel free to pose any additional questions by using the comments feature.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission