Rain. No new semester is complete without three consecutive days of rain. Frankly, I’m ready for it to either snow A LOT or just get on with spring already, since after Christmas I go into my annual seasonal depression. The space between January and March is the longest, grayest, coldest time of year, and my skin is so white that the lightest makeup shade at Walgreens is too dark. This is the time of year when I start enviously googling beaches and Facebook stalking my friends who go to college in Hawaii.

So in order to distract myself from the monsoon occurring outside my window, I’m going to remember that it is in fact the spring semester, and that means several things:

  1. Valentines Day: Personally, I look forward to this holiday because after the actual day is over, all of the chocolate at the Sexchange goes on sale, so I buy it all for myself and eat it alone in my room crying. Just kidding, usually I buy it and share it with a friend while we cry and watch the Notebook for the 100th time. Of course, if you are in a committed relationship, you can look forward to chocolate, roses, and romantic dinners at the Caf.
  2. Campus golf: One of the twampiest and most popular traditions on campus. Everyone dresses in costume and plays “golf” as a team—i.e. people try to hit tennis balls into buckets with golf clubs. It’s great fun and practically guaranteed that some hapless passerby will get hit in the face with a tennis ball while crossing the Sunken Garden. Sadly, I missed out on this last year, so I fully plan to participate this year!
  3. Spring break: Beach vacations. That is all.
  4. Last Day of Classes: Sun, giant inflatables on the Sunken Garden, and general mayhem. Nothing gets done in class and free food is abundant; this day pretty much embodies the #YOLO philosophy. Definitely a favorite of every student on campus, definitely a nightmare for the administration.
  5. King and Queen’s Ball: If you thought prom ended in high school, you’re wrong. Basically the best formal dance to have ever occurred in your years as a student; everyone gets all formal, and ten dollars gets you admission, catered food, dancing, and President Reveley. King and Queen’s is unquestionably better than my senior prom, and significantly less awkward.

I think this pretty much covers it. Whenever I think about transferring to the University of Hawaii, reminding myself of the good things to come this semester helps me maintain my sanity. It can’t be cold forever.

And on that note, fingers crossed for snow tomorrow … let’s make this a four-day weekend!