Happy Holidays!

Since I last wrote, I have survived a hurricane, experienced 70-degree weather in December, and gone home for the first time since August for Thanksgiving break.

Going home was a bit of adventure in itself – I went to Washington D.C. with my roommate and then took the train to Chicago. Along the way, I met several people with stories that ranged from trip travels to discussions of politics. I ate in a dining car. At one point, I woke up and there was snow outside my window – the train was going up a mountain in West Virginia.

As nice as it was to be in Illinois, I am very happy to be back at William & Mary, where I have a purpose and places to go and books to read. I was welcomed back with pie, cookies, pasta – people had been busy in the kitchen by the time I arrived.

Last Saturday, some friends and I spent time in downtown Williamsburg, which may be one of the greatest places to spend the holiday season. Stores are overflowing with Christmas decorations, ornaments, songs, and food and a play was going on. I discovered my new favorite drink in the world – a cup of “European sipping chocolate” at Aroma’s. This is thick like melted chocolate and dark and delicious, perfect for December.

Speaking of December, it has been 70 degrees here for the last week. My friends from Virginia have thoroughly ensured me that the weather is not typical, but I still appreciate the relative warmness of Williamsburg compared to home. The only good thing about Illinois winters is the snow, and to make up for that, my hall mates have cut several detailed, beautiful snowflakes to decorate our dorm.