Running in Williamsburg

For years I’ve been running on the exact same path through my neighborhood at home, and, because I’m very selective about my running routes, the thought of changing up my routine was unheard of. In my opinion, all running routes must have limited traffic, some scenery, very few hills (because I have bad knees…and I’m lazy), and be neither crowded nor deserted.

But in September, my mom convinced me to sign up for a 10k on Thanksgiving Day and it slowly dawned on me that in order to survive the hilly, 6 mile race course, I would have to branch out and start running in Williamsburg to stay in shape during the semester.

Before long though, I discovered that the Williamsburg area is surprisingly ideal for a runner.  The roads of Colonial Williamsburg are closed off to cars (to preserve the colonial vibes, I guess), so I don’t have to worry about stopping at traffic lights, crossing at crosswalks, or staying on sidewalks. It manages to be quiet, but not deserted, almost all hours of the day, and the quaint buildings, wide open spaces, colorful plant life, horse drawn carriages, and the occasional person in colonial garb all definitely qualify as scenic. It can be really refreshing to get away from campus for a while and clear my head, and I feel very lucky to have this space available to me on a daily basis. Even after I successfully ran my 10k, I’ve continued to run through the area and consider it one of the best parts of my day.