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Decisions, Decisions — Early Decision 2012 Edition

November 30, 2012 by

Admit It!  The wait seemed like forever.  The anxiety was building.  The stress was mounting.  The blog comments on the last post were ever increasing.  But the moment is here.  Decisions are being emailed as we speak (or technically as we type).  As the day drew to a close all the stars aligned and we were able to get decisions released.  Even a super storm couldn’t slow us down.  Note that decisions will be released over the next several hours.  It takes some time to get every email loaded and sent to the right applicant so please be patient.  Tonight the Class of 2017 is starting to take shape.  So here’s what you need and want to know.

And they’re out. Decisions are awaiting you in your in-boxes.

Notification logistics: Decisions are being sent by email tonight to all students who applied Early Decision and had completed their application.  The email was sent only to the applicant and only to the email address provided in the Common Application.  The email comes from the @wm.edu domain and the sender is College of William & Mary.  If you do not see an email in your in-box please check your spam/junk folders as emails have a tendency to land there.  If you still do not see an email from us, you are welcome to call our office on Monday.  We will send another decision via email using a different email tool that evening, and we will send a hard copy of your decision letter via mail (only admitted students receive a hard copy of their decision letter; for all other students the letter is provided as the text of the decision email).  We do not provide decisions over the phone.

Types of Decisions: There are three possible decisions an Early Decision applicant can receive: Admit, Defer, Deny.  Each is discussed in more detail below.  Please understand that we arrived at all of our decisions in the most thoughtful manner possible.  As a result there is no appeal process for those not admitted.  Every application was read at least twice, if not three times, by different members of our staff.  Many applications were reviewed by our entire staff during our Committee process.  The unfortunate part about applying to a highly-selective institution is that there are more qualified applicants than there are spaces available in an incoming class.  Competition was definitely steep this year, anecdotally more so than in previous years.  If you were not admitted, know that this decision in no way reflects negatively on your accomplishments.  All of our applicants are amazingly bright and amazingly talented.  We are incredibly fortunate and humbled to select our incoming class from the best of the best.  Those not admitted are still among the best and brightest seniors in the country, and we were duly impressed by all that you have to offer.

Admit: Good Things are definitely in store for you.  CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the Class of 2017, William & Mary’s 320th class.  We are excited about the diverse experiences and accomplishments you will bring to our campus next fall.  More information is on its way to you by mail.  In the meantime, check out the Welcome website (linked in your decision email), like the corresponding Facebook page and get EXCITED!  You’re in!

Defer: First things first.  We know that you had hoped for a more positive outcome.  We understand just how much you want to attend William & Mary.  Know that your application will be reviewed again during our Regular Decision process and you will receive another decision in April.  That being said, we want you to understand that competition for admission offers will only increase as thousands of Regular Decision applications come in.  Historically, it’s been a very small number of deferred applicants who have eventually been admitted.  We encourage you to actively and enthusiastically pursue other college applications.

Deny: We know that no matter what we say, it won’t lessen the sting of not being admitted to your first choice university.  You are absolutely entitled to be upset, to be mad, to be devastated and a million feelings in between.  Again, know that this decision does not diminish the myriad of accomplishments you’ve achieved to date.  It is simply a reflection of how accomplished our applicants are and how selective our process is.  This is unfortunately a final decision for your freshman application; you will not receive another decision from us in the spring.  But our loss is another college’s gain, and we wish you all the best as you pursue other applications for next fall.

So there you have it.  The Early Decision process is in the books.  We now look forward to Regular Decision, and you can look forward to more updates through this blog.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission


  • Admit It! says:

    @Susannah H, you even have some of the W&M lingo down. Clearly you were meant to be a member of the Tribe!

  • Ebi Doubeni says:

    Wow this is different I have always read the college discussion pages but this is the first time I have posted on one. Anyways, congrads to all the new Tribe members!!!! I am applying RD so I hope I can also become a part of the Tribe as well!!!!

  • Rae Mischel says:

    Hi Everyone!!
    I am a member of the class of 2016 and I cannot wait to welcome all of you next fall. You have joined one of the most amazing communities in existence. You will spend hours in swem, eat the delicacies of Sadler, Marketplace and the Caf and at times fear the squirrels. But you will make some awesome friends (hopefully including me) Congrats again and remember, you might not always hark, but when you do, it’ll be upon the gale.

  • Admit It! says:

    @Ebi Doubeni, good luck to you with your application.

    @Rae Mischel, glad you’re enjoying your first semester on campus and thanks for joining the welcome bandwagon!

  • Deferred says:

    What is the average ratio of in state to out of state applicants?

  • Determined Deferred says:

    @Admit It!
    I was deferred. Not gonna lie, it hurts. My best friend was admitted and he is as happy as can be. I want that happiness along with him. Just like all the other deferred applicants, I want to be admitted. I was just wondering if the February 9th (too late for the December 8th ACT/was hoping I wouldn’t need to take it because I would have been admitted) would be able to be used in the RD? Congrats to everyone admitted, you will be great and hopefully I can be the odds and join you.

  • Admit It! says:

    @Deferred, out-of-state applicants generally make-up about 60% of our pool give or take. They get 35% of our admission offers.

    @Determined Deferred, a February standardized test is likely too far into our review process to be considered. A Janary test however should make it to us in time.

  • WM2017! says:

    @Admit It! Can you give us some fun facts about some of the students admitted by ED?

  • Determined Deferred says:

    @Admit It!
    Thank you. Unfortunately, there is no January ACT. Just out of curiosity, what average ACT score are you all looking for/what was the average for the admitted ed applicants?

  • Wondering says:

    I know transfer decisions are still a ways off; I am hoping to transfer as a 2nd semester 2nd year. I also know that credits are evaluated after matriculation. What would happen if for some reason credits from another highly ranked Virginia school were not accepted at W&M? Would I be able to take an extra semester to finish the credits?

  • Charlotte says:

    Congrats Class of 2017! I can’t wait to see you when I do my interview in four years!

  • Curious says:

    Quick question- if I said that I planned to apply for financial aid on the Common App, do I have to? Will I be penalized if I do not submit the FAFSA profile? Thanks!

  • Sam says:

    Yay! I made it into the Tribe! I’m too excited for words! :)

    My parents are buying me a laptop for Christmas. Which would be better for a rising freshman: a Mac or a PC?

  • Admit It! says:

    @Determined Deferred, isn’t there a January SAT thought? Our middle 50% range for the ACT is 28-32.

    @Wondring, if you need to you can spend an extra semester on campus (or take some summer classes if they’re offered in the classes you need). Generally, as long as there’s a relative equivalent course a W&M you’ll get credit for the courses you’ve taken.

    @What you mark on the Common App for that question doesn’t matter to W&M. It might to other colleges but not to us. If you mark it and don’t apply that’s fine. If you don’t mark it and do apply that’s also fine.

    @Sam, congrats on your admision. Definitely a good question to post on the class Facebook page. Also, might be worth contacting W&M’s IT Department (which works with PCs) and the Tribe Computer Store (Macs) to see what’s offered.

  • Determined Deferred says:

    @Admit It!
    There is a January SAT. To be honest, SAT isn’t my strongest out of the two options. Do you recommend taking the ACT in February and submitting it to W&M in the hopes that I will have an incredibly high score or (I know you mentioned it being too late in the decision process) should I just not bother with taking it in February? Thank you so much for answering my questions.

  • Admit It! says:

    @Determined Deferred, our best guess is that Februrary’s ACT would not be a good use of your time. The results wouldn’t get to us until it’s likely too late. The January SAT is likely th only remaining test whose results would be able to be considered.

  • Jacob says:

    How many students were admitted ED and how many applicants?

  • Ashley says:

    First of all, thanks so much for working hard to get the decisions out so quickly! I have one question though. I’ve read that sometimes, because of a computer glitch, admit emails are sent to students that are actually deferred or denied. Is there a chance that this happened? I just want to make sure I’m actually in! Thanks so much!

  • deferred but not done says:

    Hi, quick question @Admit It!

    When a deferred application is reviewed again in the RD pool, are the reviewers specifically aware that the application is a deferral? Will this hurt an applicant or prejudice a reviewers thoughts about the applicant? Essentially, will deferral be acknowledged or considered in the RD pool?

  • hopeful says:

    Also, will the same Admissions Officers’, who cover specific areas, also be covering these same areas in the spring? I.e. Will the same person be reviewing my application for RD? ( I was deferred till RD) And can we resubmit a new essay?

  • Admit It! says:

    @Jacob, we had just under 1200 ED applications and the admit rate was about 45%.

    @Ashley, you are in! Celebrate. No computer glitches here. Everyone got the email they should have.

    @deferred but not done, yes we are aware durin RD that you applied ED and were deferred. That doesn’t work against you or anything but we are aware.

    @hopeful, we don’t review regionally during ED. There simply isn’t enough time. We read ED applications as they become available and then provide regional context during Committee when we’re all together For RD, we do read regionally and the regional dean for your area will review your ED application in the spring. You should not rewrite your essay or submit a new one. The only thing you should do is update your file with any new pertinent/substantive information (mid-year grades, new standardized test scores, etc.)

  • thisisit! says:

    Thank you so much to everyone on the W&M Admission team. It was unbelievable to read “Welcome to the Tribe!” Totally awesome and thrilling…felt numb from excitement all weekend.

  • Jason F. says:

    I just wanted to thank Henry, Wendy, and all of the other admissions officers who worked endlessly throughout the month of November. You’re amazing! I cannot wait to spend the next four years of my life at William & Mary. I am already having urges to lock myself away in Swem(?!) Words can’t describe what it feels like to be part of a family that extends back 320 years – thank you again!

  • Admit It! says:

    @thisisit and @Jason F., no thanks necessary but it is appreciated. Your joy is all the thanks we need. Congrats!

  • Sean C. says:

    I’m counting down the days until August! So unbelievably pumped to be a member of the class of 2017; I miss the town so much I’m coming down to CW this weekend to see my sister and celebrate!!

  • Admit It! says:

    @Beth Katz, glad your son is keeping the family tradition alive and well! Congrats on his admission.

  • Admit It! says:

    @Sean C, congrats and welcome to the Tribe! Enjoy your time on campus this weekend.

  • Denied says:

    Hi! I was denied admission :( Is it alright for me to call and ask why I was turned down?

  • Admit It! says:

    @Denied, sorry to hear that you were denied. You are welcome to call and inquire but know there’s never one reason why any student was admitted or denied. We look holistically at so many factors and then compare the merits of one applicant to those of our entire pool. Our pool is incredibly competitive (80% graduate in the top 10% of thei class, most students take calculus/physics/fourth level or higher of a foreign language, 75% score about a 1250 Critical Reading + Math) which means tha some great students aren’t admitted not because they did anything wrong but because other students simply did so much right.

  • Marie says:

    Hi! I got into the Tribe for 2017 and was wondering when packets will be sent out? I know a few of my friends have received their packets. Also are there any steps we should be taking if we haven’t received our packets?

    Thank you! I am so happy to be included in the class of 2017!!!

  • Isabel says:

    Hi! I did not receive my email on the 30th. I have received all previous confirmation emails, however. On Monday I called and someone took down my name, number, and application 903 #. Monday night I did not get the decision email. I called on Tuesday and yet again gave the information, the woman on the phone said I would receive the email by 5 that day. I did not receive the email. Nothing is in my spam or any other email address I have. Also, I am receiving emails from @wm.edu.

    Please, help! At this point I would just like to know the decision so I can move on.


  • Admit It! says:

    @Marie, congratulations. The packets were mailed on Friday so you should get it any day. It’s also replicated on the admitted student site (linked in your email). If you don’t get your packet by this Friday you can let us know but it should come by then.

    @Isabel, we apologize for the frustration but it sounds like your email is simply rejecting our emails as we would have tried to send it agan. We send the decision emails using a different tool than the other emails we send. However, a hard copy of your decision was also put in the mail Monday and should likely arrive soon. We do that to ensure you get a decision in case the email won’t go through. This happens in a few cases unfortunately and we do apologize but it’s beyond our control. We appreciate your patience and no doubt the mailed decision we sent Monday will arrive any day.

  • accepted2017 says:

    Hello, I was wondering when our midyear grades are due?

  • Admit It! says:

    @accepted2017, congrats! Midyear grades are due whenever they become available.

  • Isabel says:

    Thank you for responding so quickly! Should I call again today? I could maybe give a different email. I will be waiting for the paper decision.

  • Admit It! says:

    @Isabel, no need to call again today. It seems our emails are just at an impass. We won’t send to a different email. We just have no way to authenticate that a different email is sent to you and we need to protect each applicant’s confidentiality above all else. We did put a paper copy in the mail. Given that you live on the East coast, it shouldn’t take but a few days to reach you. Thank you again for your patience.

  • Deferred but Hopeful says:

    For deferred candidates, I see that you will accept new SAT scores up to the end of January 2013 as part of the Regular Decision review, as well as updates of accomplishments on the Common App. Will you also accept a new essay resubmitted through the common app for the Regular Decision review?

  • Admit It! says:

    @Deferred but Hopeful, we do not recommend writing a new essay. You’ve already spent a lot of time and energy doing that and a new essay will not make or break a decision. You can send a statement of continued interest if you’d like.

  • Megan says:

    If we got accepted ED, do we have to send in mid year grades?

  • Deferred but Hopeful says:

    Thank you for that insight! Can you elaborate on what a statement of continued interest is, what it would consist of, length, and so forth?

  • Admit It! says:

    @Megan, ED admits have to send in mid-year and final grades. Remember, your offer of admission is contingent upon continuing to meet high standards of academic performance, personal conduct and completion of all work in progress. We can monitor your progress through your mid-year and final transcripts.

  • Admit It! says:

    @Deferred but Hopeful, generally this statement is fairly brief (maybe 1/2-3/4 of a page). It can reitterate why you remain interested in W&M and might also include any infomation that wasn’t included in your original application that you feel is pertinent for the Committee to know.

  • Rae Mischel says:

    @ Rae-Mischel you are my favorite person!

  • Marie says:

    So, I was deferred from William and Mary, and although it remains my first choice I have to ask: is it still legally binding that if I am admitted in the Spring will I still be required to attend? I’m just wondering and trying to figure out my options

  • Admit It! says:

    @Marie, it’s only binding if you’re admitted during ED. If you’re admitted as a deferred student it is not binding.

  • Sean C. says:


    I was wondering what the splits were for in-state and out of state for those accepted ED?

  • Admit It! says:

    @Sean, we don’t calculate those stats because they would likely be very misleading. Our ED applicant pool is very heavily in-state which is not reflective of the overall applicant pool which will actually be 60% or more out-of-state by the time all is said and done.

  • John says:

    We rsvp’d and posted deposit but have not received the email back to set up my wm acct. are they still being processed?

  • Admit It! says:

    @John, how did you pay your deposit? If you paid it online, you would have received an immediate confirmation. The email about your W&M email would come probably 2-3 days after that. If you sent it by mail allow at least a week. You are always welcome to call us and ensure we have received your deposit.

  • John says:

    got it, thanks, have a great holiday- you’ve earned it!