Parents Weekend

Parents weekend is just around the corner, and as this is my last year at the college, so too will it be my parents last year visiting. Whether it be to escape the chilling New England nights, enjoy the scenes and relaxation of Williamsburg, or just check in that their son has not gotten into too much trouble, my parents, Sandi and Geoff, have made the trip down from Boston, Massachusetts every year. I have to admit that while my family has visited for three straight years, we have never taken part in any of the events the William and Mary puts on. Parents weekend for me has always revolved around spending quality time with my mother and father at one of the many fine food establishments that surround campus. Of course it is made that much sweeter when my dad foots the bill, but that is beside the point.

Like most families on parents weekend, we tend to frequent the more popular spots: the Cheese Shop, Green Leafe, and Aromas. After eating ourselves into a food induced coma, my parents always like to take a walk down DoG St. or stroll through Old Campus. It used to baffle me how my parents could take such joy in walking around a simple college campus, but now, as I am quickly speeding through my senior year, I feel as though I will share a new found appreciation for the simple beauty of the campus when I walk it yet again next weekend.

As the weekend comes to a close and we have to say our goodbyes, of course my mother finds it hard to hide her tears. This year, I wonder how much her sadness comes from actually having to say goodbye to me rather than having to say goodbye to the campus she has grown to love over the past 4 years. Of course my parents will return for graduation, but the sadness of saying goodbye to this place will undoubtedly be with me.

Ian Fenwick – 2011