We Stay Fly, No Lie, We Know This…BALLIN’!

Speakin’ of ballers…I pity anyone who wasn’t able to see our Women’s Basketball team take on Norfolk State last night. What a game! The Tribe not only tied three school records last night (one of them being the largest-ever margin of victory, 60 points), but forced Norfolk State into a record 37 turnovers!

I’m sooo proud of my girls! Tiffany had seven blocks, which tied her own school record.  Tay had six steals and 16 points.  And  Janine (aka “G”), Kelly (aka “SB3″), and Katlyn (aka “Bling”) all contributed to the overall score with 12 points each.

Fantastic playing aside, though…allow me to take a second to talk about the fans. I showed up with a handful of my freshmen residents, and a few friends, and met up with a few more at the game. We spent the entire game coming up with cheers to taunt the opposing team with, cheers for our girls, and then just random ones for one another, like the above “We Stay Fly, No Lie, We Know This…”  Each of the four quarters were filled with a mix of us chanting from our seats, cheering on our feet, falling over the bleachers to grab the shirts that are always thrown into the crowds of fans, and doing our part to help the Tribe blow by Norfolk…

As a senior, I am lucky to have had the time to make hundreds of memories during my time here at The College.  My most memorable moments usually involve a group of friends, loads of laughs, and some good natured fun…last night was a mix of all three and definitely makes my top 10!

Go Tribe…Hark Upon the Hoop!