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Bruised and Beaten…

August 3, 2008 by

Every year, the Admissions Office summer interns challenge the Deans to a kickball tournament, and in the past four years, the interns have yet to actually beat the Deans! This year was going to be different. We knew we were a different breed of interns…

We had all been talking trash since we were hired at the end of last semester. We made shirts, we had team chants, we presented them with a fierce challenge video, and instead of cordial smiles or perky “good mornings,” most of the Deans had gotten used to us glaring at them with our arms crossed as we passed them in the halls of the Admissions Office…

Wednesday came. We arrived at the field looking quite intimidating, complete with matching shirts and a boom box playing “Walk It Out” as we all approached the Deans in a single file line. Then the game started. We came out strong with a homerun by yours truly…and then things took a turn for the worst. We watched in disgust as the Deans scored run after run, our attempts to get them out fell flat, and Dean Broaddus caught everything we kicked his way.

Final Score-
Deans: 6
Interns: 1

My ego may never recover…

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